Proactive Community Policing

I’m a strong advocate of community policing, in the original sense of the term – community members keeping an eye out for crime, and taking the appropriate action.

I am, however, becoming more and more enamored of proactive community policing. Why? Because, sad as it is, if the police don’t, or can’t, catch someone in the act themselves, they’re unlikely to ever get their man. Proactive policing – making citizens’ arrests of ne’er-do-wells and then calling the police – has, in a lot of situations, much to be said for it.

Experiences this year – today, even – have shown me that giving the police – metaphorically speaking – a clear shot at a criminal generally isn’t good enough. It remains to be seen whether handing them a perp on a silver platter will be sufficient to get certain long-standing problems taken care of…

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