Happy Birthday

No, it’s not my birthday – but it is three years since Entropic Memes was begun, and the beginning of the month; as such, instead of looking back at the past four weeks for this month’s roundup, I’ll just say that a lot has changed, both on- and off-line, in that time. Three years and about five-hundred ninety posts later, nobody is more surprised at the way this site has turned out than I. Thirty-six months is a long time on the internet, where sites come and go every second of the day, and the cool bellwethers become washed-up has-beens between the space of breakfast and lunch. Trends have come, and trends have gone, but – other than an increased effort at producing interesting content five or six days a week, and some (not insignificant) changes under the hood and behind the scenes – this site has weathered it’s life to date mostly unscathed. Hell, this site is still using the first and only theme it’s ever had; it’s been heavily customized, but it’s cosmetically unchanged.

To all the readers of this site, whether you’ve been following what I have to say for a few days, a few months, or a few years, I’d like to say thanks. Seriously, and sincerely, thank you. It’s the slowly but steadily increasing readership that, for lack of a better word, motivates me to do whatever the heck it is that I do here; at least half the fun in sharing the wacky ideas, strange discoveries, and other assorted stuff here is just that, the sharing. So, yeah, you folks rock. You never send money and you rarely write, but, dang it, you give purpose and meaning to my pseudonymous existence; what more could I ask for?

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