The Media Makes You A Pansy

The American Military has, if you’re charitable, a love-hate relationship with the media; or, if you’re uncharitable, an on-again, off-again hatred of the media. Either way, members of the military are rarely slow to loudly criticize even the smallest perceived slight – and to occasionally blame many, if not all, of the world’s ills on them.

A representative example of the attitude at work is a cheerful and upbeat quote from retired Army Colonel Harry Summers, who says that “After the Gulf War, there was much whining and sniveling from the media, much of it an antiwar diatribe cloaked in First Amendment pieties.” But character attacks on the media are old news, so let’s consider a more vivid example:

In a 2006 presentation on “Combat Resilience” – the ability to withstand the emotional, psychological, and other environmental stresses that lead to “combat fatigue” and post-traumatic stress disorders – Colonel Carol Green, the Chief of Operational Psychology at the Air Force Special Operations Command – whose views, it should be noted, “are my own and are presented from the perspective of an Operations Psychologist”, and don’t “reflect the official policy of the US Air Force or the Air Force Medical Services” – has some harsh criticisms for the media, blaming them for widespread social problems:

Yes, friends, the media is helping “erode the strength, endurance, and resilience” of new and experienced soldiers, “undermining” their ability to cope with occupational hazards by promoting America’s “privileged” culture. (Why does the media hate America?) But, what’s worse, this “insidiously negative media atmosphere” can be counteracted by, well, coddling our soldiers and turning them into narcissistic praise junkies:

Are you confused? I know I am!

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