Obscure Consequences: Strengthened Resolve, Increased Numbers

Remember, kids; immature and irresponsible “postings” to the internet aren’t funny, or unimportant – they’re actually important aids whose “obscure consequences” include strengthening the resolve of our enemies, and increasing their ranks… at least, if you’re a Marine.

That’s what Sergeant Major Carlton Kent says, anyway, in a memo issued earlier this year (Adobe PDF file.) Quoth the Sergeant Major:

“The amount of immature and irresponsible ā€œpostingsā€? we see today on the internet is unacceptable and only diminishes our reputation as professionals. While some of our Warriors think these postings are funny, and of no importance, they need to know and understand that for every offensive video or message they post, the resolve of our enemy strengthens. As a result, their ranks grow by the thousands! Our enemies continue to use these postings, among other things, for Information Operations. We will continue to hold those accountable who continue to post such material, but we must do a better job in educating our Marines of the obscure consequences of their actions.”

Alrighty, then. I wonder what brought that on?

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