Knowledge is Power

Email lists are so 1990s, but they still persist as an effective, and efficient, means of disseminating information to a set audience in a relatively timely fashion. In a way, they’re the antithesis of websites; the information you (hopefully) want is delivered when the author wants, rather than when you request it. Most mailing lists have by now been supplemented, if not supplanted, by websites, and two I think everyone (well, everyone who reads this website) should know about are no exception.

One is Secrecy News, produced by Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, which is also available in a blog format (complete with comments, natch) here. He manages one or two installments a week, and does an admirable and commendable job in covering all things secrecy-related, both here and abroad. You should subscribe, or bookmark the website, or both, if you haven’t already.

While Secrecy News is probably familiar to a lot of readers here, the second resource I’d like to highlight might not be. Called simply “NightWatch”, it’s a nightly product of a firm called dNovus. A self-described “executive level intelligence recap drawn from domestic and international reporting”, the presumable open-source intelligence brief can be seen on the web – along with instructions for subscribing to the mailing list – right here. It is clear, concise, and well-written, and is an invaluable way of keeping abreast of world affairs on a daily basis. I highly recommend it.

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