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More than six months ago, I posted about the U.S. Army’s Field Manual FM 3-01.80 (27.5MB PDF!) and the minor inaccuracies contained therein. Attempts to get any kind of response from either the Air Defense Artillery School or Training and Doctrinal Command were unsuccessful, and I – and many others – were left wondering just how long the “useless” FM was going to remain. On that subject, I have an interesting bit of news to share, and an opportunity for you – yes, you – to help Uncle Sam make “Visual Aircraft Identification” everything it could have been.

Earlier today, a nice comment was left on the original article by one John Faber, who serves at Fort Bliss, Texas – home of the Air Defense Artillery School, among other things. John has been assigned the unenviable task of updating FM 3-01.80 and conducting a “line by line” review of the contents – and he’d like your help in doing so.

I’m not sure how “approved” this is; whether soliciting the blogosphere for input is officially sanctioned, or if John is just trying to make his job a little bit easier, but I heartily approve of the idea, and think it could – and should – be tried more often. If he’s willing to receive input from amateur subject-matter experts the world over, more power to him. As he writes, “Rest assured there is no one that wants this FM to be accurate more then me. I look the soldiers that use this FM in the eye every day they demand and deserve to have the most accurate information possible and that is what they will have.” A worthy goal, and one I can (and do) support wholeheartedly.

John’s contact details and instructions for emailing him are in the comment, linked above; if there’s something in the manual (27.5MB Adobe PDF file) you think is wrong, let him know.

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