Demolition Firing Systems

I have pondered here before – as have others, elsewhere – the incomprehensible and arbitrary restrictions and classifications placed on information by the U.S. government and military. Some documents have completely unnecessary restrictions placed on them, for no discernible reason whatsoever. Overclassification runs rampant. Every once in a while, though – a very great while, I admit – you run into exactly the opposite: something common sense, or hypersensitive government-style paranoia about the rampant and ever-present threat of terrorists, seems to say shouldn’t be quite as freely available as it happens to be.

The Army took – and takes – considerable pain to keep the field manual on identifying deceased personnel out of the “wrong” hands, though nobody can figure out why. But a “Demolition for Dummies” textbook – “Demolition Firing Systems”, as the military puts it (1.4MB PDF) – is freely available on Army websites (albeit as a Microsoft Word format, ugh; I converted it to Adobe PDF format for the world’s convenience.) How’s that for priorities for you? Identifying deceased personnel? Protect that information from disclosure at all costs. How to safely and effectively use blasting caps, both electric and nonelectric, “det cord”, and related equipment? What the heck, no terrorist cares about, you know, blowing stuff up, so let’s make it available for all the world to see.

The American military; gotta love it.

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