Intelligence and Defense Information

There’s no fancy certificate to hang on the wall upon completion, but you’ll still receive the warm glow of accomplishment – and knowledge, of course, which is nothing to shake a stick at – after perusing a pair of Army correspondence courses only available online. In theory, you need to be enlisted in the military to “enroll” in either of these courses. Luckily for you and I, you needn’t be enrolled, or otherwise registered, to “view” the courses.

The first is Intellifence Fundamentals, a basic introduction, as the name suggests, to intelligence and counterintelligence matters. It’s basically one long webpage, and you can probably read it on your lunch. The other is Safeguarding Defense Information, a rather longer look at military classification, information security, and general security education. It’s significantly longer, accounting for a theoretical five credit hours, compared to two hours for Intelligence Fundamentals.

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