Manportable Air Defense Weapons Systems

Continuing our romp through the amazing untapped resource of the military’s education system, today we’re looking at what might be the most comprehensive reference resource on the FIM-92 “Stinger” missile system currently available to the public.

The government gets a little touchy where MANPADS are concerned, as evidenced by the little squabble between the Department of Homeland Security and Secrecy News in August, 2006, so it’s a little surprising that they don’t restrict Air Defense Artillery School course 0575, Introduction to Manportable Air Defense Weapons Systems (194pp, 3MB PDF file), more closely. While it doesn’t cover certain classified details of the Stinger system, it does tell you just about everything else you’d ever want to know about transporting, employing, and firing the system, including IFF procedures and the correct methods of defending a convoy. Nifty.

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