Looking Back at September

As the world lived through the magical month of September, 2007 one day at a time, things were fairly busy here, as well. The usual month-in-review doesn’t have much this time around, so we’ll do things rapid-fire style. I made 28 posts last month, down nine from the month before. What I lacked in prolificness and profundity I made up in other ways – whether in inventing a holiday, sharing pirated government software, helping spread antiterrorism training and information-awareness training, or just poking fun at the Navy and their views of the internet, there was a little something for everyone, and it showed – thanks in part to the widespread attention the “alien life forms” and “narcissistic praise junkies” presentation generated, September was by far the busiest month to date for this site. It wasn’t just the fun and entertaining fluff pieces that drew traffic, either; a whole lot of visitors were drawn to past posts on things like encrypting bittorrent traffic, or even encrypting all your internet traffic.


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