There’s Something About The Tubes

There’s just something about the internet that makes it a dangerous, dangerous place – and I’m not talking about the “killer apps”. Found on the Military Times forums, while looking for further reactions to the Navy story I and Wired’s “Danger Room” broke last week, two very interesting and somewhat related stories caught my attention…

The first has to deal – nominally – with internet OPSEC, at least according to the military. The Air Force, it seems, made an example out of a couple airmen who used free web proxies to circumvent military firewalls and visit “blocked” sites. The response, needless to say, is mixed.

I wrote about the Air Force’s foolishness in this area several months ago, and don’t really have much of anything to add. Not only do I think they’re badly overreacting, I still think they’re going about the matter in entirely the wrong way.

The other story that caught my eye is this one, also from the Air Force Times, about the “increasing criticism” of milblogs vis-a-vis “The Long War”. Every bit as interesting as the article is the responses, which quickly degenerate into partisan name-calling. Ah, the internet… What interests me the most is that the article includes quotes from only two enlisted bloggers – or, rather, their blogs – one deceased (in an “accident”), the other dishonorably discharged after a court-martial. While the story quotes an email from Noah of Danger Room, I can’t help but think the Air Force Times are engaging in a little framing of their own.

(In unrelated, conspiracy-theory territory, and purely as an observation: it’s interesting how many critics of the Iraqi occupation in the military have been dieing in “accidents” lately, isn’t it?)

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