Dead Birds are SO Useful

Following on from yesterday’s Army poster about stupid helicopter pilots, here’s another, part of a safety campaign to teach pilots to watch out for trees. Yes, trees; apparently helicopter-tree contact are a surprisingly common phenomenon – at least, in those parts of the world where they have trees.

Bird strike

I’m reminded of an anecdote from the memoirs of some American pilot in Viet Nam, whose name I don’t recall; he was flying T-28s early in the conflict, in a ground-attack role. One day, he was strafing a column of soldiers, and got so low he struck a tree with his propeller. He made it back to his airfield, and reported the damaged prop as the result of a bird strike. When mechanics removed the cowling of the plane, they found splinters of wood wedged in nooks and crannies all throughout the engine. Asked to explain the discrepancy to his commanding officer, he responded “Sir, have you never heard of a spruce goose?”

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  1. On 11/29/2011 at 3:06 am Astroturf Perth Said:

    I can’t help but laugh at the caricature. It says it all.