ISOHunt Blacklisting

I really don’t give a rat’s patooie about ISOHunt, nor the lawsuit-related reasons they’ve evidently chosen to block “US” peers from connecting to their bittorrent trackers. It smacks of a hierarchical internet, flies in the face of Net Neutrality, and seems legally questionable, to boot. Nonetheless, I do have two thoughts on the subject, though…

Firstly, I hope they’re using a good way to determine just IP addresses are in the United States. If they’re just using the TLD of the hostname reported by PTR lookups – as the uTorrent client seems to do, when determining a peer’s country – they’re going to be blocking a whole bunch of people far, far outside the US. (uTorrent considers anyone at a .com, .net, or .org domain to be “American”, for instance.)

Secondly – and I’ve been able to confirm this this evening – using an SSH tunnel as a proxy to encrypt bittorrent traffic will allow you to connect to ISOHunt’s trackers, even if you’re in the United States – if the server your SSH account is on is outside the US. It’s a simply, fast, and secure way to get around such arbitrary restrictions… and has numerous other benefits, as well. So, American ISOHunt junkies, all is not lost; nor do you need to abuse the TOR network or try to, as one prominent P2P website recently suggested, somehow proxy bidirectional peer-to-peer filesharing traffic through web proxies…

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