Information Assurance Awareness Training

Last week, I posted about a unique computer program called CyberCIEGE, which was developed by the Navy to teach the principles of “Information Assurance” – that’s computer and network security, to you and I.

The response was fairly positive, and scores of people have downloaded the program in the last couple of days. To get the most out of the program – which does, admittedly, have some excellent in-game help – it helps more than just a little bit to understand the military approach to IA. Happily, there’s an easy and free way to get just that understanding – which, quite aside from making the CyberCIEGE “game” easier to complete, confers a number of real-world benefits.

The Defense Intelligence Security Agency makes a quite slick multimedia training course on Information Assurance Awareness available online. Unlike yesterday’s course on anti-terrorism training, this course takes around ninety minutes to complete. At the end of it all, you get another pretty certificate of completion to impress your cubicle-mates with, and a fairly decent understanding of computer security, ah, excuse me, information assurance issues.

Information Assurance Awareness objectives

All you need is a computer with a decent internet connection, a web browser that supports Flash, and a couple hours, and before you know it, not only will CyberCIEGE be ten times easier to complete, but you’ll probably know more about information assurance than your office IT guys. (And if you are the office IT guy, you’re not goofing around on the computer, you’re keeping up-to-date on your training, right?)

Information Assurance Awareness

By the way, if this roughly ninety-minute course doesn’t consume enough of your free time – or sate your appetite for information assurance knowledge – the Army’s Fort Gordon offers a (cough!) forty-hour online course on the subject, here. All you need, apparently, is a working email address – and it need not be .mil, either. 🙂

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