Bloggers and the Fourth Estate

“Blogs: What are they good for? Absolutely something…” begins an Air University presentation entitled “Bloggers and the Fourth Estate”, succinctly summing up the both the military’s fascination with, and incomplete understanding of, the blogosphere and those who make it what it is.

The fourth and final presentation I’m showcasing from the Air Force university’s course on “Communicating for Effect”, the presentation (761KB PDF) contains little that anyone reading this website isn’t familiar with. Indeed, I think it’s safe to say that most readers of Entropic Memes probably know more about blogs and the blogosphere than the unfortunate soul who teaches the course – but, hey, blogs have only been around for, what, the better part of a decade now?

What you might not know about is the following slide from the presentation, which beautifully sums up not just the Department of Defense’s ongoing love-hate relationship with all things bloglike, but the chutzpah that permeates their attempts at “non-kinetic warfighting”:

the government, the media, blogs, and the public

There may have been doubts about the military crackdown on blogging, but it pretty seems pretty clear that they want less to contain OPSEC leaks than to exert closer control over what information reaches the public – be they “strategic publics”, or merely a domestic audience – and bypass the media’s pesky “interference” and “distortion of message” to convey their own messages of “TRUTH”. Sorry, MSM

It’s not exactly unexpected, but coupled with yesterday’s presentation on media framing, it seems the fearmongers might have been wrong, after all – it’s the media that are the new enemy, not the blogs.

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