Inter-Service Rivalry

The Army, according to David Axe, won’t let the media photograph the interior of their new MRAP, the oversized, up-armored replacement for the Humvee, claiming it’s “classified”. Never ones to let the security of our soldiers get in the way of a little shameless self-promotion, the Air Force has a picture of the interior of one of these vehicles, in all its brand-new, plastic-wrapped goodness, on its own website, as part of a fluff piece about them.

For all I – or David, for that matter – know, the rather bad photo (nice barrel distortion from that wide-angle lens, guys) has been cleared by Army (or at least Air Force) OPSEC guys. For that matter, the two humorless gentlemen in the photo could be strategically posed in front of “sensitive” equipment, to make a releasable photo. More likely, though, the Army is just a little too full of itself and the (doubtless overstated) sensitivity of the Buffalo MRAP (2.4MB PDF), and the Air Force just doesn’t care.

It’s worth noting that a Buffalo MPCV appears in the recent Transformers movie, as “Bonecrusher”, albeit with a modified hydraulic arm…

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