Meta Monthly for September 2007

Yes, it’s the first weekday of the month (holiday notwithstanding), and that means it’s time for the once-a-month (unless I forget, whoops), highly-meta self-referential administrative post we all know, love, and ignore. 🙂

I managed 39 posts in August, spurred on in part by the collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis early in the month, which was – entirely by accident – the same number as I posted in July. (For useless comparison purposes, I posted 25 times in August 2006, and just 7 times in July 2006.) By far the most popular was this one, which got read by a couple thousand people in the forty-eight hours after the bridge collapse.

If you’d like to try and find something in the 530 posts I’ve made over the last (almost) three years, the search function, on the front page of the site, is a great way to do so. I’d be remiss, however, if I failed to point out the sitemap, which gives you a look at everything here. If that seems a little overwhelming, there are also recently-updated pages of the most popular posts here as well as posts I like for one reason or another.

If you’d like to get in touch, this is the point where I remind everyone you can contact me from the about page, and also see what to do when you stumble across broken links, something that happens from time to time, alas.

In a little less than two months, Entropic Memes turns three; while I’m not planning any special events or anything, you are (gently!) encouraged to eschew sending presents in (gauche) favor of, well, money – my not-so-subtle way of reminding you that there’s a small, inconspicuous PayPal button near the bottom of the front page, through which you can help support the unruly child that is this website. You don’t get anything except undying gratitude and heartfelt appreciation – but, hey, isn’t that enough? 🙂

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