It’s the Little Things

Amid a seemingly endless stream of accusations, denials, and revelations about some agent provocateurs in Canada earlier this year, some fun photographs have emerged showing that the undercover officers were all wearing (old and worn, probably) issue footwear – the exact same “tactical” boots as their brother officers who arrested them. Oops.

It’s an embarrassing mistake, but one that could have really aggravating consequences amid the unhealthily-paranoid anarchist “community”. If enough people decide that footwear are the best way to spot “moles”, the accusations and counter-accusations among these people could never end. While it’ll certainly be entertaining – “OMG, OMG, he’s wearing combat boots – we’ve been infiltrated by the DIA” – I have to wonder where the line of paranoia will be drawn; we are, after all, talking about attention whores with persecution complexes. “Dude, Vans’ sk8er shoes? Those are totally what a pig would try to wear and fit in… you pig!” Maybe barefoot will become “the new black”…

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