Air Support Handbook

The 1st Air Force, also known as “Air Forces Northern”, produced an “Air Support Handbook” earlier this month. The 138 pages contain a multitude of information on everything from imaging operations to search-and-rescue missions, the convoluted political relationship between the regular military, national guard assets, and state governments, and the restrictions of the posse comitatus act. It also includes some interesting and highly detailed information on, among other things, the various aerial intelligence-gathering assets available to the Air Force, such as the P-3C AIP Orion, the OC-135, the U-2, the MQ-1 Predator, the MQ-9 Reaper, the “Shadow Harvest”, and others, including a few interesting examples of aerial imagery. Interesting stuff, and thoughtfully unclassified – not even FOUO, apparently. Download the handbook, dated August 1st, 2007, here (3.5MB PDF file.) Enjoy!

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