Sheer Absurdity

As longtime readers know, there are few things that amuse me in inappropriate ways like government, military, and corporate documents that are grossly overclassified, if not absurdly overclassified. Thanks to a kind reader, I’ve been alerted to what must be two of the most imposing-looking reports ever to come out of a CENTCOM component. Consider the ominous warnings:

The bit at the top reads: “Unclassified / FOUO / Information and use for authorized individuals only. Destroy as “For Official Use Only” when no longer needed. / E-mailling or forwarding of this document is prohibited. Further dissemination of this document will result in the immediate and permanent removal of your access to the ROC brief website. / Removal of this caveat is prohibited.”

But what are these amazingly restricted yet unclassified briefs? One is a listing of religious events in Iraq, and the other is a fact sheet on chlorine. I know, I know; vital information available nowhere else. OMG, OMG, whatever are we going to do?

There ought to be an award for the best of these absurdly restricted not-at-all-sensitive documents. Hmmn… anyone got any other good overclassified bits of uselessness they’d like to share? Send them as attachments to the email address visible in the RSS and ATOM feeds… or link to them in a comment, eh?

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