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The earnest kids at the “RNC Welcoming Committee” have produced a dubious zine on the radical history of Minnesota. As far as extremist propaganda goes, it isn’t too bad, demonstrating rather higher production values than most things the radical community does (or, for that matter, most zines.)

Like any radical community, the extremists in Minnesota are a fractured bunch, with no two advocacy groups or causes ever seeing quite eye-to-eye on anything. It produces a situation, well, look at it this way: Imagine trying to herd cats across a freeway. Now, imagine that some of the cats are high on various drugs, and aren’t really following what’s going on; a few want to stop and protest the paving of a field that was once prime mouse habitat; others want to stop and protest the automobile monopolies; others want to recite long diatribes about how ethanol is directly responsible for the rising cost of kitty kibbles; and there are one or two scruffy toms at the back of the pack, promising a bright future of milk and sunshine if the other cats would just accept the inevitable superiority of communism other other forms of governance. Toss in a couple of abyssinians demanding equal rights, a loud, lonely tabby decrying the owners of a shelter somewhere and demanding the release of a political prisoner…

That, in a nutshell, is why the local activist community never does anything.

But what does the Coalition of a Thousand Causes have to do with a zine on radical history? Simple. It’s designed to be printed, folded, and then read. If you download the PDF file from their website, you’ll quickly go mad trying to flip around and find where any given article continues. As it’s really not the sort of thing worth keeping around and re-reading, it’s a dozen or so sheets of paper needlessly wasted, per reader, to say nothing of the ink or toner. Clearly, environmental thoughts were far from anyone’s mind when this thing was produced. Smooth move, guys…

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