All Hashed Up

An interesting presentation (5.2MB PDF file) on computer forensics I stumbled across a while back discusses, in part, the benefits (and shortcomings) of rolling hashes versus the more conventional type used for file analysis, at least in the context of forensic identification of computer files. Rather than explain how the whole thing works, I’ll just point you to the file, which covers a multitude of other very interesting stuff, as well. However, I must warn you, that, well, the presentation contains imagery that many may find objectionable. Indeed, just consider the prominent warning:

Yes, you guessed it, this presentation contains porn, and is therefore NSFW. Worse yet, it contains the absolutely most awful, most despicable, most exploitative form of porn – pictures of a (guessing here) three or four year-old female, indecently exposing herself for the camera:

Yep, it’s not just porn, it’s kitty porn. But remember, it’s presented purely for demonstrative purposes, as an example of the usefulness of rolling hashes:

I feel dirty and unclean; how about you? Jokes aside, it’s a very informative presentation (and isn’t, actually, NSFW, in case you were wondering.)

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