I think every U.S. government agency gets at least a few crazy FOIA requests a year, often related to either UFOs or conspiracy-theory stuff like psychic mind-control. In the short time the United Kingdom has had a Freedom of Information law, their government has been spared no mercy from the relentless, “truth”-pursuing nutjobs; a quick look through the requests received by the Ministry of Defense shows the high number of requests from the tinfoil-hat brigades.

The American agencies, of course, can just say “no records found”, or dismiss the request as too broad, too vague, insufficiently specific, or otherwise “imperfect”. Not so for the Brits, who apparently haven’t discovered form letters yet. While the U.S. is reluctant to consider appeasement as a foreign policy option, the UK evidently sees it as a viable strategy in relations with the crazies; consider the remarkable civility and politeness of this response (15K PDF) to a recent request about contigency planning for alien invasion, for example…

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