Open-Source Intelligence

Star Tribune collumnist Nick Coleman wrote a touching, human-interest story a couple days ago about the tragedy that befell a pair of construction workers deep beneath the streets of Saint Paul, when a downpour flooded the storm drain they were in and washed them away to their demise. I certainly don’t mean to make light of this tragedy, or to be insensitive in any way, but, on behalf of myself, a lot of urban explorers, and doubtless a few bored teenagers who should know better but don’t, I’d like to thank mister Coleman for telling us everything we need to know to get into that particular sewer system.

“…sewer workers slogged to the north and west, heading for the Wilder shaft, a shaft at Victoria and Lafond behind the Wilder Foundation campus. The Wilder shaft has rungs…”

Thanks, Nick. People who can’t be bothered to social-engineer sewer strip maps from Public Works appreciate the hard work you’ve saved them in identifying an openable manhole shaft with stepirons. (Saint Paul is really stingy with stepirons; manhole shafts are everywhere in the storm drains, but precious few seem to have rungs in them. Very annoying.) If you’re lucky, some idiot will memorialize your gift to the community with a spray-painted mural deep, deep beneath the streets of the city.

Open-source intelligence gathering has never been so easy.

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