Oi, you!

Apparently, according to the news, commuters in New York City will now be facing random searches on the subway, in an apparrent attempt to deter attacks of some sort which they have no information or reason to believe are actually going to happen.
So, thanks to some suspicious and highly convenient acts of possible terrorism in London, New Yorkers, and quite likely soon people in the rest of the country, will have their liberties and rights even further curtailed, restricted, and abused. Does it sound like we’re winning the GWOT to you? For that matter, what ever happened to the whole bit about denying terrorists victory by going about one’s life as normal?
Worse yet, in response to allegations that these new measures are, quite correctly, illegal, the NYPD has said that they’re going to make an extra-special super-honest attempt to make the searches well and truly one-hundred-percent random. Why is this important? If it’s true, it means the police will be – in a futile effort to make us all somehow feel safer while not appearing to be profiling – hassling, say, old white guys, young Puerto Ricans… and women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

And I’m proud to be an American, and recall when I was free;
and I shan’t forget the men who lied, and took my rights from me…

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