Non-Combat Injuries

According to a Marine Corps document produced earlier this month, the men and women on the front lines of the Global War on Terror just might be their own worst enemies.

403 have died in vehicle accidents in Iraq and Afghanistan, through mid May; another 8,000 have been injured. 5,000 have been injured while playing sports. Citing an American Society of Medicine and Hygeine study of fifteen thousand military personnel deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the report quotes 76% as having suffered diorrhea, 69% as having suffered respiratory problems, and 35% as having received a non-combat injury of one sort or another. Across all categories, five percent required evacuation, ten percent hospitalization, and fully one-fourth intravenous fluids.

The document concludes with the cautionary tale of a young marine who managed to accidentally shoot himself in the arm with an M249 SAW during a firefight. There‘s a story to tell the kids about one day…

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