Computer Forensics and Forensic Analysis

It’s almost certainly nothing groundbreaking, but the instructor of a course on computer forensics and forensic data analysis at the Navy Postgraduate School has thoughtfully put many of his class resources online, accessible by the world. A collection of presentation notes in PDF form is here; a large list of resources on the subject is right here.

Overlooked by many, military schools can be great resources for researchers not afraid to make use of the FOIA to request class materials. You miss out on lectures and the whole interactive, hands-on learning experience, of course, but it can still be a good way to learn about specialized topics of interest.

As a couple of examples, the Naval Postgraduate School in California offers classes on “Jihadi Information Operations” (DA3120), “Dark Networks” (DA4600), and “The Theory and Practice of Social Revolutions” (SO3800), which are probably the kinds of things readers of this site are interested in.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out their catalog of courses, and get writing and faxing to their poor, underworked FOIA staff. The school processed a whopping nine FOIA requests in fiscal year 2006, and had no backlog, so odds seem reasonably good that they’re reasonably responsive.

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