A First Look at the Family Jewels

The CIA handed over 702 pages of declassified papers to the National Security Archive today, who spared no time in putting the Agency’s ‘Family Jewels’ online.

I haven’t examined them in great detail, but I’m quite surprised by what I’ve seen so far, particularly the redactions. Nowhere is the justification for any of the redactions specified, and some of those redactions seem very suspicious – like removing the signature from a memo, but leaving the author’s name intact, for example. Then-Director of Security Howard J. Osborn’s signature is redacted in some places, but not others, as is his initials, and those of others. Some routing slips are completely redacted; others aren’t. At least one document has the author’s name redacted from the front page – then neither their signature nor name redacted from the last! Further, there are a lot of duplicated pages and documents – and in at least one instance I’ve spotted, the two copies of a given page don’t have the same information redacted.

Worth waiting fifteen years for? I don’t know. I have a feeling the National Security Archive isn’t going to be totally satisfied with what they’ve received, though…

(update, 27 June 07 – see also this page, with a further analysis of the redactions.)

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