Overclassification At Its Finest

Last Month, the Army ran a fluff piece about the great work Brigadier General Steve Anderson has done in producing a list of the top ten myths about the war in Iraq. They don’t link to it directly, but you can find *a* copy of that list on the Army’s website, right here.

It’s pretty typical rah-rah cheerleading for the war, nothing you or I haven’t seen before. But here’s the interesting thing – this file isn’t the actual presentation General Anderson made in April at James Madison University. That file is here, and right away, something interesting caught my eye:

This piece of propaganda is “classified” For Official Use Only? What the hell?

The second page of the original presentation gives the disclaimer that everything contained is the personal opinion of General Anderson, and not to be construed as the official position on anything. But that seems overshadowed by the MNF-I seal and FOUO markings on every page. It apparently isn’t, but it sure looks fairly darned official, if you ask me, and you have to wonder both how intentional that is, and why that is; questions I’m not qualified to answer, and not inclined to speculate about.

As a propaganda tool, it’s not terribly notable. Actually, it’s a piss-poor propaganda tool, when all is said and done. But as an example of the all-pervasive culture of overclassification in government today, it’s golden, simply golden.

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