A New Personal Spam Karma Record

I really should know better than to brag (?) about the highest-scoring spam comment stopped by Spam Karma on this blog, as I did yesterday. Then, I was impressed by the stupidity of a guy dumb enough to try and spamvertise more than five-hundred website addresses in a single comment, scoring a karma of negative 290,146. I thought that was a lot. Boy, was I wrong!

This “veforty” idiot’s bot returned today, trying to spam links to 1065 websites, getting smacked in the process with a karma so big Spam Karma had to represent it in scientific notation:

Translated to conventional notation, that’s -1,331,993. The mind boggles. It really does.

Published in: 'D' for 'Dumb', General, Meta | on June 17th, 2007| Comments Off on A New Personal Spam Karma Record

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