A Personal Spam Karma Record

Entropic Memes gets a lot of spam – comments, trackbacks, you name it, this site gets hit, and hit hard. Thankfully, Spam Karma takes mostly adequate care of things, allowing us all to get on with our lives, unmolested by unwanted ads for pills, powders, creams, and so on.

I check the caught spam once or twice a day, because legitimate comments can and do get flagged as spam sometimes (sorry about that, I’m working on a solution for that.) Most comment spam has a “karma” rating of around -150, but every once in a while there’s one that exceeds that by just a little bit… or a not-so-little bit:

Behold Entropic Memes’ new record for spam karma: -290,146. Yep, negative two-hundred ninety-thousand, one-hundred forty-six, largely courtesy of a whopping 534 URLs in the comment. Idiots, huh?

(And yes, I’ve really had more than ten-thousand comments over the years, the vast majority of them spam. Hey, it’s been almost three years!)

So, I expect this isn’t the highest Spam Karma score ever, but it’s one I don’t expect to ever exceed around here (note: that’s not an invitation, kids.) Anyone else have some ridiculous SK2 scores to share?

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