Hezbollah in Latin America

This paper (304KB PDF) by Dr. Ely Karmon was first published last year, but only just came to my attention, as part of his membership in the Proteus project, something that itself deserves more attention than it has so far received.

In any event, Karmon’s paper presents an interesting look at the short history of Hezbollah (and possible al Qaeda) in latin america, something we don’t often hear about. It highlights what I suspect will be a growing trend among terrorists and insurgencies worldwide, namely the use of small, local groups with little or no ideological allegiance to the intifada – or even Islam – by more established groups like Hezbollah or al Qaeda. The case of “Commander Teodoro” Rafael Darnott, political and ideological mercenary, seems likely to become a recurring soap opera throughout the region. (As an aside, a large part of Karmon’s paper seems to have been lifted, almost verbatim, from one or more articles by one “Gustavo Coronel”, generally described as an “opposition blogger” in Venezuela. Hmmn…)

It’s interesting reading, if you’re into such things; in an area where much of the english-language coverage is decidedly suspect (A href=”http://sandiego.indymedia.org/ot/2007/01/124638.shtml”>indymedia, anyone?) I can’t say that Karmon’s paper is any more accurate, but it’s better-sourced, at least, and offers a somewhat different view of things in this part of the world than what you might usually come across…

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