Thaumaturgic Border Protection

Today, for your reading enjoyment, I give you Thaumaturgic Border Protection (355KB PDF), an apparrent DHS presentation on the employment of witches, Wiccans, and neopagans to defend America against magickal threats both foreign and domestic. It’s an entertaining read, if you’re into such things.

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  1. On 6/4/2007 at 11:54 am Nemo Said:

    Before you get too excited about this, no, it’s not actually real; it was my entry in a Danger Room contest last month that seems to not have gone anywhere. Ah, well. I still think it’s really funny, though.

    It’s copied from a real DHS briefing on critical infrastructure protection, and I’m amazed how little I had to change or remove to make it applicable to the topic at hand.

    By the way, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to any discordians who might see this presentation, and react badly.

    Kids! Count the pagan in-jokes…