June Housekeeping

After battling a fairly unpleasant respiratory infection for a week, I’m (mostly) recovered and ready to get back to regular shenanigans. I apologize for the abbreviated, Atrios-like posts in recent days; later tonight I should finish something I’m working on that has a lot more substance, and should excite the government watchdogs, the conspiracy theorists, and a lot of others, as well.

There’s also a lot of other really interesting stuff in the wings at the moment; I should have at least one, and possibly as many as three, big announcements to make later in the month, plus the usual assortment of stuff one finds around here. I know, I’m such a tease….

Whether you’re reading the site feed, or viewing Entropic Memes the more conventional way, I’d like to take this opportunity to call your attention to three new features, and two incredibly useful old features, you might not realize are there. First, I’ve added a couple of pages of highly meta information – an about page, and a page of the most popular posts on this site, one of which is incredibly useful, and one of which, well, isn’t. I’ve also added a page about what to do when links go bad, which includes a new user-friendly way of getting in touch, should you need or want to.

Third – and I promise, I’m only going to mention this once a month – there’s now a link at the bottom of the home page, through which you can toss a buck or two my way, if you’re so inclined. Having to add a squid proxy in front of the site last month to cope with increased popularity has upped the expenses of running this site more than a little bit; along with the expenses of FOIA requests, this site is entirely paid for out of my own pockets.

Lastly, two nifty features you might not realize are there – the sitemap, which really does list everything on this site, and the search feature, which shows up on the side of the front page, and searches the content of every post. Curious how many times I’ve said snarky things about Cyveillance? Wonder what, if anything, I’ve had to say about PGP or GPG? Curious if I’ve ever talked about the 60-40 (by weight) nitromethane and aluminum-powder mix that makes a high-yield thermobaric explosive? That little search box is your friend.

As a closing note, here on the First of June, I’m reminded of an uncommon and rarely-mentioned artifact of the good ol’ days of Hoover’s FBI – what was called JUNE mail. I don’t know that JUNE ever stood for anything, but JUNE files, back in the red-scare and COINTELPRO days, were segregated files, kept away from the regular, main files in Bureau offices, concerning generally-illegal surveillance, search, and similar activities practiced by the Bureau back then – warrantless ELSUR, surrepetitious entries, unauthorized mail covers, and so on. An innocent-sounding and apparently meaningless name, but one I think of once a year…

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