OPSEC, Marines Style

Yes, yes, I’m sure everyone’s tired of reading OPSEC guidelines and briefings and presentations. Nonetheless, purely as a kind-hearted public service, there’s one presentation – actually, one slide of one presentation – you’ve got to see.

The presentation (an 824KB PowerPoint file) probably dates from last year, and is available on the web right here. It’s from, and for, the USFK – U.S. Forces in Korea, our military presence, excuse me, peacekeeping force in the region. It’s pretty dull and boring stuff, but the last slide made me laugh out loud – not an easy thing to do:

Operational Security (OPSEC) - shut yer pie hole!

The image quality isn’t great, but I still have a horrible feeling this is going to become a really, really popular image on certain types of online bulletin boards and forums. Call me an enabler, but I’ve even gone and made a cropped version of Mister Happy up there, just ready for you to download, resize in your favorite image-editing program, and employ for whatever means you see fit. Just right-click, “save target as”, and away you go. You’re welcome. 🙂

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