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Internet geeks speak of the “hidden web”, the “invisible web”, or the deep web – the online content not indexed, or at least readily findable, by location aids like Google. The government is not immune from this problem, if you want to call it that – indeed, you could argue that a lot of the government’s material online is intentionally hidden from random, casual web-surfers like you and I.

Though the technology is improving, search engines have a hard time indexing multimedia. The web, despite all the great technological promises, is still basically text-oriented; even image searches rely heavily on meta-data and other text-based contextual hints to provide relevance.

With that said, there’s a lot of interesting stuff out there, if you only know where to look. Today, for instance, I suggest you visit this site – that of DHS‘s HSEEP – and check out their offerings under “Multi-Media Library”.

Much of it isn’t terribly exciting, truth be told – the image and video files are small and low-resolution, yet huge in size. That said, I think the audio files are pretty cool – you could definately have some fun replacing your computer’s anemic error beep with that of a 16-inch naval gun, for instance, or maybe replace your Skype ringtone with an air-raid siren. The possibilities might not be endless, but I’m guessing most people can find a few minutes’ amusement here. 🙂

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