A Potpourri of Links

Fast and furious, short-attention-span style:

Augist 2006 newsletter on OPSEC and SAEDA, from the 1 BCT / 34 ID, with an interesting article on “Blogging and the UCMJ”.

From an old counter-terrorism presentation I found on the hard drive, a little funny for the weekend:

James Dean was a terrorist?  Coulda been, apparently.

The “OPSEC in the Blogosphere” presentation posted a few days ago mentions “sensitive photographs” as an “OPSEC concern”, “especially those showing the results of IED strikes, battle scenes, casualties, and destroyed or damaged equipment.” I’m pretty sure this EXTREMELY GRAPHIC medical presentation from February 2007 qualifies (1.85 MB zip file.)

I’m so waiting for Cyber Ciege [sic] to get leaked on a file-sharing network.

Blogs and Military Information Strategy (672KB PDF.)

If you’re not familiar with it, check out DHS’ Daily Open-Source Infrastructure Report. It’s like a Google News alert, only human-edited.

Squid is handling the traffic to this site fine; earlier this afternoon MySQL was apparently having a hard time keeping up. That should be fixed now. Also, I’ve finally gotten around to adding a “security” category for posts here; most of the recent security- and secrecy-related stuff should be so indexed now, but older stuff will probably still be filed under “geekiness”, at least for a while. Hey, there are a couple years of archives to go thru!

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