Fact Sheet, Shmact Sheet

So it seems the OPSEC and blogosphere brouhaha got noticed by someone relatively high up in the U.S. Army, because HQDA PA have begin distributing a “fact sheet” they coughed up just this afternoon, on the subject.

A couple bloggers posted the text, or portions of the text, of the “fact sheet”, but MilitaryBlogs seems to be the first person to make the Microsoft Word file available online in it’s entirety. Since the Public Affairs people couldn’t be bothered to whip up a nice cross-platform PDF file of this yet, we did it for them (96KB PDF.)

It’s not a policy statement. It’s not a clarification of orders for DA personnel. It’s, as the Brits might say, bumpf. Disingenious bumpf, at that, which is directly contradicted in no less than four places by the actual text of Army Regulations 530-1. It’s a PR stunt, and I think everyone so far recognizes it as such, because even the most gung-ho milblogs to print the text of the “fact sheet” so far have neglected to include the final bullet point, found on page two – “Commands have the authority to enact local regulations in addition to what AR 530-1 stipulates on this topic” (emphasis mine.)

AR 530-1 isn’t a guideline to be followed where convenient, or a set of “best practices” that the Army is expected to try to implement. It’s a set of regulations, set out in (PR bumpf notwithstanding) completely unambiguous black-and-white terms.

Come on, Tony Snow, escuse me, “C Holt”, whomever you are at HQDA PA, did you really expect people to swallow this?

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