Army OPSEC Restrictions on Blogs

Wired has the story on new U.S. Army regulations that greatly restrict the ability of military, and military-affiliated, individuals to blog autonomously. Citing “Operational Security”, or OPSEC, their new rules pretty much mandate preapproval of all blog postings and even emails sent to friends and family.

While the military has recently been cracking down on computer use, the idea of the internet as a security vulnerability is old news, as this August, 2006 presentation shows (888kb zipped powerpoint file.)

It should come as no surprise that the same professionally paranoid folks at the Army’s First Information Operations Command, 1st Battalion, Vulnerability Assessment Division who produced that little gem last year have recently coughed up a new hairball of a presentation, OPSEC in the Blogosphere (7.17MB PowerPoint presentation.) I kid you not. Please note the “For Official Use Only” markings on every page, and the delicious irony on page 18, which quotes a “CSA OPSEC Memo dated 4 Dec 03”: “For Official Use Only” (FOUO) will be the standard marking for all unclassified products which, if released to the public, could cause harm to Army Operations or personnel…’ (emphasis mine.) It’s not just irony, it’s a fine example of overclassification at it’s finest.

Even better is this fun little chart from the presentation, listing “categories of threats” faced by our military:

categories of OPSEC threats faced by the military - including the media

The media is the enemy? Well, there’s your problem!

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  1. On 5/2/2007 at 12:19 pm Nemo Said:

    Incidentally, I’m pretty sure this installation security manual for Tinker AFB (596kb PDF) is probably more of an OPSEC risk than anything your average milblogger will ever post.

  2. On 5/2/2007 at 4:57 pm Nemo Said:

    For what it’s worth, as more and more blogs and websites are picking up the story, I’ve moved this site to a Squid cache, so it should be relatively digg, slashdot, and reddit-proof. 🙂 Evidently scooping everyone on the “OPSEC in the Blogosphere” presentation translates into lots of traffic…

  3. On 5/3/2007 at 1:40 am Plenum Said:

    The Neocon’s enemy’s official document is the Constitution of the United States and the institutions that support the democracy it was designed to create and sustain.

    Democracy needs democratic institutions to sustain itself, and this type of suppression is one of many examples of how our basic democratic rights are gradually being eroded away.

    By eliminating our military forces the opportunity to express themselves publicly and peacefully in the public domain, this type of suppression, if continued, virtually guarantees an armed, military rebellion in the future – and this writer hopes, sooner, instead of later.

    If peaceful means are prohibited, violent means are the eventual result.