Incidents of Terrorism

Today being the 30th of April, the NCTC have published their long-awaited annual “report in incidents of terrorism” on their website, albeit quietly and without much fanfare.

The placeholder was there this morning, in all it’s 15KB glory, but no report. After a couple phone calls to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, however, it became clear that this juicy little morsel of facts and figures wouldn’t be made available until after this afternoon’s press conference on the matter; 16:15 EDT at the State Department.

I didn’t press real hard for answers, but I expected the report wouldn’t actually be released until Friday, as part of the now-familiar “Friday night bad-news dump”, and would paint a much less rosy picture of terrorism in the world than today’s doubtless rah-rah press conference.

The State Department said that the “full text of the report” would be available here after the press conference, excuse me, “special briefing” with “Acting Coordinator for the Office of Counterterrorism”, Frank Urbancic.

It was unclear to me at the time whether the NCTC report and the State Department reports were one and the same; the filename of the NCTC document is “crot2006nctcannexfinal” – wading thru the abbreviations, that translates to “Country Reports on Terrorism 2006, National Counter-Terrorism Center, annex final” – suggesting the NCTC report may be an annex to the full report. We’d know in a couple hours, I guessed, and I was right – both the report and the (well, an) annex are available from the State Department here.

I haven’t looked much at the report itself, but the Annex paints a pretty grim picture of just how well our Global War on Terror is working. “Compared to 2005,” the NCTC report says, “attacks rose by 3,000, a 25 percent increase in 2006 while deaths rose by 5,800, a 40 percent increase.” It goes on to mention “The number injured during terrorist incidents rose substantially in 2006, as compared with 2005, by 54 percent” (emphasis mine.)

Update: If you have any interest in this, get the NCTC “annex” (actually their “Report on Terrorist Incidents – 2006”) from their website (6MB PDF), as it’s 97 pages are much more interesting – and approachable – than the State Department’s version (302KB PDF) of a mere 15 pages, which is also included in the “full” 336-page “Country Reports on Terrorism.”

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