Chilling Effects

John Young at Cryptome today announced that he has received two weeks’ notice from his hosting provider, Verio/NTT. A website like Cryptome generates a fair number of complaints, some of them reasonable (and reasoned), others less so, so it’s not too surprising. What is unusual is that Cryptome is being provided no meaningful reason for the termination of service, only “violation of [their] Acceptable Use Policy.”

I have no idea what resources Cryptome requires, other than (obviously) a fair amount of disk space and a not inconsiderable amount of bandwidth. To date, I believe the site has been hosted on a dedicated server, for obvious reasons, and expect that will need to be the case at it’s new home.
Where that new home is to be remains a mystery; getting overseas (and out of the reach of the U.S. government) seems attractive for a number of reasons, but finding a company, and a country, that won’t cave to U.S. pressure is probably difficult. The U.K. is right out, and Germany is almost certainly ruled out. Holland might remain a possibility in Europe, otherwise Cryptome might potentially find itself headed to a server in Singapore, or even Hong Kong, where it seems nearly “anything goes.”
I don’t regularly check on any of the many Cryptome mirrors, but one has to wonder if they, too, are facing whatever sort of pressure Verio seems to be under. Perhaps a mirror operator will come forward with enlightening news; until then, though, the cause of Cryptome’s troubles seem as uncertain as it’s future.

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