Meth in the UK

Shocking “news” from “authorities” in England – ne’er-do-wells can manufacture methamphetamine from decongestants.

Evidently, the UK is fortunate enough to not have a serious meth problem (yet), so it’s perhaps not surprising that the authorities are somewhat ignorant of how the stuff is made, the time to be “seriously anxious” over the matter seems long past.

I would never wish a meth problem on anyone, especially not a country that’s a wee bit touchy about things that can be perceived as terrorist acts, as the U.K. is; while I have no fondness for meth addicts and cooks, I can only imagine the ridiculous over-reaction that will ensue when the first meth lab explodes in England, and the resulting hysteria their highly-excitable media whips up.

On a slightly less cynical note, a growing meth problem in Britain, if one does indeed develop, could actually prove to be a good thing. I don’t necessarily believe tweakers will replace Muslim extremists as Public Enemy Number One and (straw) boogey-men in England, though I could see it happening. Rather, I hold out hope that Britain will develop an actual, successful, workable strategy to combat meth users, dealers, and cooks – a strategy, hopefully, which the United States can use against it’s own very real, very serious meth problems. To date, the war on meth has been less successful than perhaps any other part of the War on Drugs (remember the War on Drugs?) except that on marijuana. If Britain can come up with an effective way to deal with meth, I’m all for adopting it here; I just hope it’s not too late.

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