What’s next from Microsoft?

I was pretty unenthused by Vista a full year ago, and I’ve not warmed to it since. (I’m not the only one, either.) It’s been a while since I said bad things about Microsoft, but new news reports about the monopolistic giant caught my attention.

From a commercial standpoint, I can understand Microsoft’s desire to get new products to market, because it’s very (potentially) lucrative. From a consumer standpoint, though, it seems appallingly stupid.

If Microsoft is talking about a new operating system in two years, rest assured they’ve got that OS now, if only in beta or pre-beta form. That’s not good, because it means the operating system isn’t going to (theoretically) benefit from anything Microsoft might learn from Vista. It’s too late; the foundation has been laid. Rather, it’s going to be Vista with a fresh coat of paint, as Windows 98 was after Windows 95. Coming fairly shortly after the much anticipated Windows XP Service Pack 3, which last I heard will arrive this autumn, I have a hard time believing anyone but Microsoft themselves is going to manage to get excited about yet another version of Windows.

Given what Microsoft did with Vista, I have a couple predictions to make about what, in the absense of an official name, I’m going to refer as Windows 2009: First, it’s going to be 64-bit only. Second, it’s going to come in at least ten distinct versions, between “consumer” and “corporate” editions. Third, it’s going to be every bit as insecure, out of the box, as XP is and I believe Vista will prove to be. Fourth, it’s going to break with the traditional Windows appearance that can be traced back to Windows 3.1, and instead replicate imitate a lot of the most painfully trendy design aspects of “Web 2.0”.

Check back in late 2009 to see how well my predictions stack up against Windows 2009. 🙂

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