Online Privacy? Not on Campus, Thanks!

An interesting story today of a college professor chastised for using the Tor onion-router network at his job, and for teaching students about it.

I’m glad he stood up for his principles, but it’s chilling to see how much attention merely trying to make use of your right to privacy can attract. I both use the Tor network, and run a node on it, and while a lot of the use to which the network gets put isn’t terribly noteworthy (downloading pornography and pirated software, for example), it’s usefulness, and availability, to the people who really need it makes it worthwhile. I also make use of other, similar technologies that hide my online activities. Not because I have anything much to hide, but because I choose to do something proactive about my privacy, rather than relying on others to have my best interests at heart.

Published in: Geekiness, Security | on February 8th, 2007| Comments Off on Online Privacy? Not on Campus, Thanks!

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