Lathered Up

Back when I was ignorant about the finer points of wetshaving and associated paraphanalia, I accidentally bought a tube of Palmolive’s Lather shaving cream. What can I say, it was cheap. To compound my mistake, I didn’t read the instructions, and just assumed it was, you know, like every other shaving cream out there.

Um, no.

Unless you’re a seriously hardcore masochist, or need to let out some excess blood, don’t use this stuff straight from the tube. It’s about as lubricating as, oh, peanut butter. Instead, read the instructions, and use as directed – with soap. Yes, soap. As I discovered a while back, you can get a wickedly nice shave with plain old hand soap. The downside is, the lather is generally anemic, and you have to do small sections at a time, as it dries really quickly.

Used with soap, Palmolive’s Lather does just what you’d expect – produces a pretty fair volume of lather, while retaining the smooth shave of whatever soap you happen to like. It might not be up there with Proraso in terms of closeness and smoothness, but it’s better than goop out of a can.

Having first tried it without reading the instructions, then using it according to the directions, I then proceeded to ignore the instructions, and do some experimentation. (This is one of those Important Life Lessons I like to try and remember – you really do have to know the rules, before you break them.) The results? Things do go better with lather. 🙂 My favorite discovery? Equal parts of Cremo Cream and Palmolive Lather is ten, no, eleven, nay twelve times better than just plain Cremo alone. Still not up there with Proraso, but close. Damned close. If you like the performance of Proraso, but don’t care for the tingly menthol goodness, you might want to try Lather and Cremo. Who’d have thunk coconut oil (the Cremo) and olive oil (the Palmolive) would be such a good combination?

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