Dangerous Goods

Some irony, in the wake of the sad death of Jennifer Strange from water intoxication – FedEx refusing to ship bottles of water and cans of air.

Obviously, here, appearance matters more than substance. You apparently can’t ship an empty glass bottle that says “Certainty” on it – at least if the employees see it. I’m sure they’d get their knickers in a twist if you brought in a big plastic tub of strontium nitrate, too, dutifully labelled with it’s ORM-D and “oxidiser” stickers. Would they care as much if you repacked the chemicals in a Tang jar, though?

They’re empty cans and jars, for crying out loud. If you want to detect “bomb-making materials”, there are many much-more-accurate methods than visual detection by untrained, minimum-wage counter clerks. Likewise with illegal pharmaceuticals, illegal weapons, and so on.

Photo Matt recently wrote about SUN, amazed at how difficult so many companies make it to give them your hard-earned money. While I’m sure staggering stupidity isn’t a FedEx corporate policy, it boggles the mind how unhelpful people in so-called “customer service” positions can be, in this ridiculous post-9/11 world.

You can entrust live animals to the tender care of the U.S. Postal Service, but you may have trouble shipping empty containers via FedEx. To quote a quite talentless band from way back when, there’s something wrong with the world today, and I don’t know what it is…

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