Spammers to Watch Out For

Meet “Adrian Purcell”, the probably pseudonymous idiot behind AutoBlog, described as “software that automatically places your ad on millions of blogs”. Or, as we like to say in these parts, a comment-spam script.

Yes, that’s right kiddies, for just shy of $200, you too can spam the heck out of innocent blogs “while you sleep”.

The best part?

Advertising using AutoBlog is 100% SPAM FREE advertising! You will never be accused of spamming. Your ads are submitted to public blogs that are free for all to post to.

Would someone please remind which spam excuse that is? Number four, I think? “You’ll never be accused of spamming, because your ad is only sent to people with email addresses that are free for anyone to send mail to”. At what point did I suggest I’d like to offer up my database space, my bandwidth, and the comments on my site for free advertising for all and sundry? Is this blog in any way connected to pharmacology, or gambling, or finance? Nope. Urban exploration, general news and commentary and stuff, sure; even ridiculous legal threats from insecure media executives are “on topic” here. If I thought my visitors wanted to know about car loans, or little purple pills, I think I’d blog about it, eh?

You can tell it’s a legitimate scam business offer when the domain is registered anonymously, and the only way to contact the seller is via email.
So, if you ever wondered who was behind your blog’s spam problem, now you know. Idiots, like testimonial-provider “Simon James” of competing spamvertiser Instant Leads, and “Adrian Purcell”, and all their idiotic spamming customers.

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  1. On 1/10/2007 at 8:04 pm Nemo Said:

    AutoBlog’s current IP is, a (badly configured) shared server of HostForWeb called “bihac” ( running the loathesome Cpanel hosting software. HostForWeb are pretty lenient towards unwholesome websites, so it’s unlikely they’ll give them the boot anytime soon.

    Incidentally, the fact that they’re forwarding their website to the IP address suggests they’re trying to hide, at least somewhat.

  2. On 7/16/2007 at 12:26 pm Instant Leads Said:

    As far as I am concerned you are just a load of hot air, with no real life. The price is only $40 not $200, and no matter how often pin heads like you choose to take out there problems on legitimate companies who are obeying the law, it really does not matter, if you don’t want people posting comments on you system, then make it secure, make it private, if not just shut up with you whining. We will post when we want where we want as long as it is legal.

    You seem to see spammers everywhere, maybe your getting paranoid? Maybe you should just mind you own business and start talking about positive things like you exciting trial coming up for the slanderous statements you have written about me.

    My software (Instant Leads Generator) at has nothing to do with spam or anything like it. And i would appreciate you retracting your comments that place me alongside criminals like you.

  3. On 7/16/2007 at 1:01 pm Nemo Said:

    Simon, (or do you prefer Adrian?);

    Had you any moral authority on any subject whatsoever, you would have lost same the moment you typed your ridiculous and baseless legal threat.

    Tell me, have you directed similarly childish tantrums at everyone who has, quite rightly, accused you of spamming and spamvertising? How’s that working out for you?

  4. On 9/8/2007 at 2:20 pm Instant Leads Said:

    It is one thing to make a childish statement, like I did as you suggest. Your right I would have a hard time getting you into court over what you say. But lets look at what you are doing by your statements. You are accusing my website of “Idiots, like testimonial-provider “Simon James? of competing spamvertiser Instant Leads”.

    This statement is not only childish but is simply wrong. My website has nothing to do with Spam products or services.

    You can call me an Idiot all day long, as i have been foolish many times in my life, well at least enough to not argue that point 🙂

    Yet to post completely incorrect and slanderous statements about my website that has nothing to do with spam is not a reasonable way to express your frustrations.

    How would you like it if I went to blogs and told everyone about your desire to preform immoral acts on children in your care?

    Oops did I say something in anger and frustration, oh well people wont really belie me will they? I mean just cause you can not get me into a court room does not mean i should not say things about you that may be untrue.

    But as you have chosen to create lies about my business and then refused to retract them. Maybe i will go around and tell the truth about your tendencies.

    Or better still why don’t you simply retract your unfair and untrue statements, or better still delete this whole page. Then we wont have to play these games anymore.

  5. On 9/8/2007 at 4:21 pm Nemo Said:

    Simon, or Adrian, or whatever name you happen to be using today, I’m afraid that rather than making really extraordinarily childish threats at people half the world away, you should go do something about the identity-theft problem you seem to be experiencing

    Hi all,

    Simon James here, I am new to the black hat forum scene, yet have been using black hat techniques for 6 years. My main claim to fame is blog spamming and regular spamming. Though i use a variety of techniques that i have not yet seen published.

    Unlike most users I do not try to hide my identity and am very approachable, please feel free to email me as I am always looking to meet new people and exchange software and technique.

    I am ranked #1 for my chosen keywords on over 250 engines, and would be happy to share my techniques with anyone who need to know what I do.

    Feel free to contact me at sales at

    You might want to look into that. 🙂

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