Holiday Intruder

In the wee hours, late in the night of Christmas Day, we had an intruder in our backyard.

One of the cats first detected him, and began scratching at the window, trying to get outside to (optimistically) chase the intruder away, or (cynically) sniff him and say hello. We went to the window with flashlights, to see what had the pootie so excited; it’s not uncommon for various stray cats to come wandering thru our yard (and using the garden as a litterbox, alas). It wasn’t a cat out there last night, though; when the flashlight beam struck his face, we had quite the shock.

We had a Didelphis virginiana in our yard. A Virginia Opossum, in other words. Probably a good thing the cat didn’t get out there to say “hi”; the possum probably weighed twelve pounds, and they’re supposed to be pretty fierce fighters, despite their response to threats of playing dead.

We’d all always thought that opossums hibernated during the winter, but some quick consultations with the Oracle found this to be untrue.

The opossum in the back yard, by the way, has been the high point of the 2006 holiday season, so far.

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