Buyer Beware

If, like me, you have been looking online for inexpensive hard drives for backup use, you might have come across an eBay seller with the user ID “hunny69bunny”, whose auctions seem remarkably good deals, on the surface.

They’re not.

The Maxtor hard drive he sold me – a 160GB, 5400RPM DiamondMax 16 – was advertised as “new”. In fact, he used the word “new” three times – once in the title, and twice in the description, including the unambiguous declaration “The drive is new”. The seller also said “The drive comes with warrant from Maxtor” [sic].

Guess what? He’s not selling new drives; the one I received shows more than 500 hours use, 99 power cycles, a dozen or so soft errors, and a handful of hard seek errors. As OEM drives, they have no warranty from Maxtor at all. (Isn’t SMART technology grand?)

“hunny69bunny” – and, I know, I should have known better than to buy anything from a user with “69” in their screen name; he might as well just call himself “hunny4:20bunny”, which would sort of rhyme, even – is a fellow named Nicholas Celek, who lives in Pasadena, and runs a couple of gameservers and the typo-filled website Pokey’s World. (Pokey’s world? “69”? Stupid teenagers.) (The registration for the website is interesting; it’s registered to a pretty pricey address in the foothills of Duarte, CA, in another person’s name – Nick’s daddy, perhaps? – with a non-existant email address and a non-working telephone number. Classy.) Mad FPS skillz that he has, and running several gameservers, I’m looking forward to his doubtless ingenious, and illiterate, explanation that he knows nothing about computers and made an “honest” mistake. Such an admission would be the closest thing to truth I’ve yet seen from him.

Like they say in the movies, caveat emptor; buyer beware.

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