Bad Poems From A Decade Ago – #1

I have boxes and boxes full of floppy disks from back in the day when I had a computer without a hard drive. Every once in a very, very great while I select a few at random and see what’s on them, for kicks and giggles.

An unmarked disk I came across recently contained a lot of homework and other stuff I produced in 1994-1995, my junior year in high-school. There’s a lot of pascal code (a language I haven’t coded in years), some assembly-language code (I language I can’t even read anymore), a bunch of files that appear to be bibliographies for English-class papers, and a handful of poems. Purely for personal entertainment, I’m going to post a few of these, with notes.

The first one is an angstful teenage love poem; consider yourself warned.

The Bad Evolving Poetic Love Song

Although I’ve only known you
for less than half a year
I’m only truly happy
when you, my love, are near

I know I shouldn’t love you
it just isn’t right
but I can’t deny I love you
as I lie awake at night

No, as I lie awake at night
I’d love to tell you just how I feel
and conquer my fears and frights
But I know you do not love me
and I know you never will

You don’t know or care how happy
we could make each other feel
And as I lie awake at night
I wish, oh how I wish

that I could find you
to tell you
how I love you….

Ugh. I later went on to have a number of poems published in actual, you know, books and magazines and things, but any talent I have in that direction was not evident on April 3rd, 1995, when I wrote that drivel. It’s been so long, I can’t even remember who I was so obsessed with at the time; I had a lot of crushes in high school, and was too much a shy, awkward, unattractive wallflower to ever do much of anything about them.

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